Photo Courtesy of UR Athletics

1. What is your earliest memory playing football?

My earliest memory playing football would have to be the first game I ever played. At the time, I was a running back on my 7 to 8-year-old Pop Warner team, and the first time I ever touched the ball in a live game I ran for a 60 yard touchdown.

Back then, it seemed so simple and so easy, with almost nothing to worry about. It’s amazing to look back as time flies by at where I began and everything I have been through to get to where I’m at today.

2. Who have you consistently looked to for inspiration?

Thomas Davis, a linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. Davis and I have both been plagued with three severe season-ending knee surgeries, all within a few years of each other. He continued to never give up, working his way back each and every time to continue to play the game he loves.

After winning the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in the NFL last season, he gave an inspirational speech that I can truly relate to. He talked about how his whole life he felt like he came up just a little bit short. The moments I have shared with my teammates and coaches this season have finally allowed me to remember how much I love this game, and I believe watching the emotion Davis felt when he was awarded with such an accomplishment really connected with me.

3. After Union took a lead early on in Saturday’s game, what motivated you to step up your performance?

All season, this senior class has been preaching about how we only get a few more chances to play this game. As frustrating as the beginning of the game was, there was no time to feel sorry for ourselves. This team believes in one another, and it just goes to show that it’s not over until that last second tics off the clock. “Great moments are born from great opportunities,” said Herb Brooks of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” USA hockey team. We were not going to be denied our moment Saturday.

4. How did you feel after throwing three consecutive touchdown passes to end the game with a win?

Honestly, it was surreal. The sequence of events that ended this game were unlike any other game I have watched or taken part in. A lot of us didn’t even want to leave the field after the game because we couldn’t believe what we just did. I was fortunate enough to be part of something special this past Saturday, and I couldn’t have asked to share it with a better group of men.

5. With just two games left before playoffs, what do you hope to accomplish?

7-2. That’s our goal. This game is fun no matter what, but we play at this level to win. The amount of preparation, time and effort it takes during the week to get just a few hours on Saturday are only completely rewarded with a victory.

6. Would you rather go to a haunted house with Ellen DeGeneres or Trevor Noah?

To be honest, I don’t really follow either celebrity, so I would have to say my offensive line. I was not sacked one time this past weekend, and that is 100 percent credit to them. No matter what may pop up in that haunted house, I know the big fellas up front have my back!

Douglas is a member of the class of 2017.


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