Courtesy of UR Athletics

1. When did you first begin playing golf, and what motivated you to start?

I first began playing golf around the age of seven when my dad and grandpa introduced me to the game.  Their love for golf drove me to want to pick it up.  I would go out and play with them at a  nine-hole course in Amherst, Mass. and would tee up the ball in the middle of the fairway.  It was a good way for me to be able to start up and gain the support that I needed.

2. Who has been your greatest inspiration? Why?

I think my family as a whole because they have continually supported me in my athletic endeavors.  I work hard because it is something that I care about, but my family is my inspiration for competing.  My brothers always pushed me growing up because they are both very competitive as well.  My parents still come to many of my tournaments today, and, while I was growing up, they always took the time to drive me around to compete.

3. What aspects of your game do you most aspire to improve?

My short iron game needs some improvement right now. Also, I want to transition into being a ‘cut’ player.  Being a ‘cut’ player means primarily hitting the ball from left to right, This makes it easier to control distance and trajectory.

4. How do you think being awarded the second-team All-Liberty League honor will impact your performance?

It won’t. I plan to be just as competitive and committed going into every tournament, regardless of previous results.  The key as an athlete is to stay focused on the next goal, and our coach is a big proponent of that.

5. What was your most memorable round of golf and why?

Our team winning the Liberty League title last year in a match played against Skidmore.  I was able to win my individual match that day, which helped the team, and it was really nice to see the seniors finally make it to nationals.  That feeling of achieving something as a group that you have been working toward for so long is the best feeling in sports.

6. What is your golf club of choice and why?

The driver because it is fun to try to hit the ball as far as possible.  Also, my driving is one of the best parts of my game right now.  Sometimes, I’ll go out to the range and only hit drivers for practice.

7. Would you rather have Jack Black or Steve Carell as your professor?

Jack Black because he is hilarious but also seems like a guy that I would genuinely get along with.

Douglas is a member of the class of 2017.

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