1. On Wednesday, March 18 at 12:51 a.m., DPS officers responded to a loud noise complaint outside Lovejoy Hall facing the Residential Quadrangle. As officers approached, they observed six people talking loudly outside of Lovejoy. When the group observed the officers, they quieted down and two left and entered the building. As officers came closer to the group, the remaining four got up and entered the building. The officers yelled for the group to stop, but they kept walking. Officers followed the group inside and again advised them to stop, and three of the four did. The fourth kept walking and had to be told again to stop and talk to officers before doing so. The group consisted of three undergraduates and one visitor from another school. The group was advised about the noise complaint, and told that they should stop and talk to officers when they are advised to. The group was sent on their way.


Smoke but no fire in Schmitt Organ Hall


2. On Thursday, March 19 at 11:11 p.m., Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers responded to the fire alarm in Eastman School of Music’s Schmitt Organ Hall. As officers approached the area, they observed thick smoke coming from Schmitt Hall. Officers could not pinpoint where the smoke was coming from. The Rochester Fire Department responded and began checking the area as well. The smoke had stopped coming in the room. While exhaust fans were brought in to ventilate the area, a cause was found for the smoke. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit on the third floor was found to have a seized motor which caused the belt to burn up. Facilities was notified for repairs on the HVAC unit. There were no injuries and nothing was damaged besides the HVAC unit, which needs repairs worth $1500.


Students stay in Rush Rhees Library after closing


3. Officers responded to intrusion alarms for Rush Rhees two times over two days after the library was closed. The first was on Saturday, March 21 at 2 a.m. DPS officers entered the building and started checking the area. Officers saw an individual near the circulation desk. The individual was identified as an undergraduate. The student stated he thought the library was open until 3 a.m and apparently missed the closing announcements. The student was cooperative and escorted out of the building. The second alarm was on Sunday, March 22 at 12:13 a.m. As officers approached the building from the Eastman Quadrangle, they observed two individuals inside the building. Officers entered and made contact with the two and identified them as undergraduates. The two stated that they did not hear the closing announcement and were not aware of the closing times. The two were cooperative and advised of the closing times and escorted out of the building.

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UR Public Safety.

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