With winter in full swing and the Campus Times with a new editorial staff, it is time to look to the future—the future of this newspaper and the future of our Editorial Board.

Officially, the Editorial Board’s role is to act as the voice of the Campus Times by expressing the paper’s beliefs on issues both on and off campus. But this view neglects the unique position the Editorial Board occupies. As the mouthpiece of UR’s student- driven newspaper, the Editorial Board is not only the voice of the paper, but also that of our student community.

And it is this—giving voice to our peers—that the Campus Times will strive to achieve going into the new year.

We vow to represent the student body, to mind perspectives from both sides of the spectrum. We will engage a more diverse selection of students in our discussion of the issues important to them––it is our goal to capture every facet of student life.

Moving forward, we will take the initiative to investigate the issues that affect our community as a whole. In doing so, we hope to find common ground between students and the administration. We hope that we can bridge this gap, push progress and spur change. We will tackle the things that matter to you—the UR student, the UR professor, the UR administrator.

While pursuing these goals, the Editorial Board will also look to better itself. As a newspaper, we must continue to build upon the foundations laid before us. Our paper is far from disastrous, but that doesn’t mean we can or should slack off. For 2015, our goal is to always publish quality pieces that appeal to both the eye and the mind. We will hold ourselves to a higher standard and change our fundamentals, efforts that should be (and will be) reflected in the quality of our work.

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