The words “balance, focus, control” repeat like a mantra on Donovan Hikaru and Corp’s track “Outdoor Seminar”, a tune whose sound palette of MIDI slap bass and gated snare drum is as sterile as the corporate rhetoric it samples. That’s the point. Enjoying “Corporate Mixtape” means giving yourself up to its squeaky clean, office-complex vibes. The EP is a collaboration between Corp and Donovan Hikaru, two artists off of the vaporwave record label “Ailanthus Recordings”. While there are a lot of ways to describe vaporwave as an emerging style of music, Corporate Mixtape encompasses what I love most about the genre: it turns into art what’s not supposed to be art. At its best, Corporate Mixtape is pure smooth jazz schlock. It’s the sound that inspired the joke “If Kenny G and Hitler were in a room, who do you shoot? Kenny G – twice.” Brutally soulless, braindead, and apathetic to the human condition, Corporate Mixtape sets the script for a whole new musical paradigm that elevates insipidness to a sublime extreme. To hear Corporate Mixtape, visit

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the class of 2017.

A look into 2023 sorority recruitment

Recruitment is a time of both confusion and excitement, both from those who choose to rush and those who do not, but this period also included learning and adjustment on the sides of Panhellenic executive members and sisters participating in running recruitment as well.

During midterm season, prioritize UR health in advance

It’s been three weeks since classes started, and if you’re like us here at the Campus Times, you’re sick and tired.

Help, my roommate took ECON 108!

I was willing to overlook the basic annoyances, such as his grumbling “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” when we’d pass food being given out.