This NBA offseason has been filled with surprising relocations and trades. LeBron returning to Cleveland, Pau Gasol moving to Chicago, Jeremy Lin joining up with Kobe in L.A – the list goes on. An extremely notable move was the Cavaliers’ dynamic trade with Minnesota for Kevin Love to acquire a star-studded starting lineup of James, Irving, Love, and Waiters.

I personally believe that Minnesota got the better end of the deal. Coming out with number one overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins, in addition to the talented Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young, the Wolves traded an older star with an expiring contract for three incredibly young and very skilled players. Wiggins alone is an incredible asset, but acquiring all three was a truly impressing feat. Adding to their already solid team of passing wizard Ricky Rubio, reliable big man Peja Stojakovic, and a variety of gunners such as Kevin Martin and Chase Budinger, the Minnesota front office has constructed not just a powerful starting five but a bench with increasing depth, not to mention the blossoming, young center Gorgui Dieng, who is starting to realize his incredible potential.

So how are the Timberwolves celebrating these new acquisitions? By looking for more players! Minnesota has not only set their sights on the exceptional guard Eric Bledsoe but additionally offered him the maximum contract. The four-year, $63 million offer far exceeds Phoenix’s $48 million proposition from July. It remains to be seen whether or not Bledsoe will accept the offer, but as he’s made clear that he’s only interested in max contract deals – which is what this is – chances are he will begin the season in Minnesota.

What does this mean for the coming season? The Wolves will be far closer to becoming a contending team but will still need to develop a lot of the raw talent they have acquired. It will be a definite challenge for the coaching staff and will test the leadership of team veterans like Rubio, but it should be a very interesting show to watch. Give it three or four seasons and the Wolves will be a team to be reckoned with.

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