Courtesy of UR Athletics

It was a frisky first half in this week’s men’s basketball matchup against Brandeis University. Brandeis struck first but Rochester roared back leaving Brandeis in their wake. Masterful manipulation and ball handling prowess left Brandeis staring at the clock, wondering how long they had to endure this Rochester-style beat down. Brandeis looked baffled as Rochester weaved through their defense to score again and again! As seconds dropped off the clock, Brandeis found their focus and launched a comeback. Aggressive defense put Brandeis on the free throw line where the shooter made both baskets to end the half Rochester 40-43 Brandeis.

Rochester wasn’t fazed despite the halftime deficit. Strong defense kept Brandeis dancing around the perimeter while Rochester worked the screen game on offense, penetrating the defense and putting up points in the paint. Impressive drives to the rim and successful shots from downtown had Rochester looking like the stronger team.

Going into the final two minutes, however, the score was tied 73-73. Frisky play put men on the ground and a roar and a clap came from the audience, urging Rochester to bury Brandeis. Responding to their fans and screaming coaches Rochester handled the pressure brilliantly keeping Brandeis to 73 while pushing their point total to 77! Rochester wins 77-73!

Harding is a member of the class of 2016.


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