1. On Monday, Feb. 24, at 1:41 am, officers responded to Rush Rhees Library after receiving reports of a suspicious man. Officers learned that two students working in the Periodical Reading Room observed a man try to enter through a window from the exterior fire escape. The students stated that when the male saw them inside, he exited the area through the same fire escape. Responding officers checked the immediate areas but the male was not located. No damage was done to the window, which was later secured.

Stolen Laptop found in Gates Store

2. On Sunday, Feb. 23, at 12:49 pm, a student reported that her laptop had been taken from a room in Wilson Commons after she left it there overnight following an event. The student was able to track the laptop remotely, and its location was traced to the town of Gates. Gates police were contacted and responded to the pinpointed area. The computer was located in a nearby store and taken by police. The person who was in possession of the laptop stated that an unknown male had sold him the laptop earlier. The laptop was returned to the owner. Further investigation is still pending.

Banned Woman found in Rush Rhees

3. On Monday, February 24, at 1:26 pm, officers responded to Rush Rhees Library after reports of a woman in the area who had been previously banned from campus property. Officers located the woman inside the library. The non-affiliated woman stated she was just waiting for a bus. A short time later, the woman admitted that she was trespassing and should not be in the building. The woman was issued an appearance ticket for trespassing by Public Safety Officers and escorted off the property.

Undergraduates found trespassing in the North Athletic Fields

4. On Sunday, Feb. 23, at 4:39 pm, officers responded to the North Athletic Fields along Wilson Boulevard after receiving a report of a group of people using the field without authorization. Responding officers found footprints in the snow leading to the fence around the field and could tell that several people had climbed over the fence to access the field. Officers located seven undergraduate students playing football on the field. All admitted to jumping the fence to use the field. All were cooperative, warned about trespassing in the future, and escorted off the field

Ramos is a member of the class of 2015.
Information provided by UR Public Safety.

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