Courtesy of UR Athletics

What is your major?

Chemical Engineering.

How did you get involved in diving?

My mom coached our high school team so I was always around diving and wanted to try it as soon as I was old enough.

How long have you been diving?

I started diving competitively when I was twelve.

Do you have a favorite dive?

My favorite dive changes from day to day depending on what is going well.

Why did you come to UR?

The University of Rochester had both of the things I was looking for: chemical engineering and diving.

Do you prefer the one-meter diving event or the three-meter?

I like one-meter better only because I’ve been doing it longer and feel more comfortable with it, but three-meter is growing on me.

Do you have any pre-meet or pre-dive superstitions?

I have a certain playlist I listen to before meets.

What are your hopes for the team as you progress through championship season?

Our season is coming to a close. Everyone did really well at our UAA championships and I hope those going on will continue to post times and scores they are proud of

Chtchekine is a member of the class of 2016.

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