This winter has been one of the coldest we’ve had in a while here in Rochester. Everyone is feeling a little (or a lot) worn down from the cold and snow, but good news – spring break is in less than a month! As we enter midterms and the days get busier, we’re all feeling the need for a break.

Here are some things to keep you busy and help you make it through the last few weeks until break.


Visit downtown: 

There are a lot of things to do off campus right here in Rochester. Catch a concert in Eastman or see a production in the theaters. Watch the new movies that are out in February, like “The Lego Movie” or “Robocop.” Taking advantage of what’s nearby is a fun way to learn more about what the city offers, especially if you are not from around here.


Figure out your housing plan:

It’s never too early to research different housing options for next year. Maybe you want to try a single, a double, or a suite. Or get off campus and try out Riverview for a change. The Reslife webpage at offers all the information you need to know, check it out.


Plan a spring break trip:

Some students will go visit their families over break, and some will go visit friends. But others will have to stay in Rochester. If you are one of them, plan a trip with your other friends who are also staying at UR and get off campus! Go over to New York City and visit the landmarks or go shopping. Maybe you would enjoy a trip over the border to our friendly neighbor Canada for a visit to the falls. Some organizations are even offering opportunities  for travel during spring break for things such as volunteering opportunities or conferences. Ask around and see what you might be interested in.


Visit the career center:

Talk with an advisor about summer opportunities, whether you’re looking for something in Rochester or across the country. Many deadlines are coming up in the next few months, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to gain valuable experience. The career center offers great advice on how to find jobs and internships, so be sure to make use of it.


Find your inner Elsa:

If you haven’t already, that is. There’s snow and ice everywhere, so what better way to bear the walk to class in a snowstorm than to pretend you have magical wintery powers? It’s even better if you belt out “Let It Go” as you gather snow in your arms and throw it into the air, embracing the beauty of winter.


Though you may be sick of the season, keep in mind that there’s only a handful of weeks left of buckling down. Soon enough, all that hard work will pay off and you will once again be able to wear flip-flops and shorts while laying out on the quad.

Kanakam is a member of the class of 2017.

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