Recently, trying to get away from the low-quality food from the oddly famous Panda Express, I decided to order Chinese food at Lin’s Garden. This restaurant is located right on Mount Hope Avenue only about a mile away from the River Campus. As someone from New York City, a place where anyone can order Chinese food at virtually any hour of the day, my expectations were high.

I ordered the Boneless Spare Ribs Combination Platter, which not only comes with boneless spare ribs but also an order of fried rice and a side. I got an order of pork fried rice and a pork egg roll, can never have enough pork! The serving size? Very generous – the platter could easily serve two people. However, I would prefer quality to quantity.

The pieces of pork were exceptionally fatty – more so than any order of pork I’ve ever gotten at a Chinese restaurant in NYC. The sauce used to marinate the pork was oddly sweet which, at least for me, ruined the dish. The pork-fried rice was slightly burnt and, oddly enough, lacked pork. The egg roll was exceptionally greasy and, again, lacked pork. I guess the restaurant’s chefs figured I was having too much pork.

The total cost of the entire order? $7.95 not including tax, which seems roughly similar to the cost of a similar dish at Panda Express.

While the food was not nearly as good as I am used to in NYC, it was much better than the food at Panda. Also, Lin’s Garden seems to be a much better option in regards to portion size. Not only do you get more food, but you also get slightly better food, all without leaving the comfort of your dorm.

Now, if only Lin’s Garden accepted Declining…

Mavrelis is a member of the class of 2017.

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