The Glitch Mob has done it again.  Ever since the 2010 release of its critically acclaimed debut album, “Drink The Sea”, the growing fan base of the Los Angeles-based electronic trio has been clamoring for more. With expectations high, The Glitch Mob’s sophomore album, “Love Death Immortality”, does not disappoint.

Contrary to what their name suggests, their most recent album suggests the group has stretched far beyond the glitch-electronic genre and leaped into foray of the EDM scene. The entirety of the bass-heavy synth-laden new album plays like a setlist from TommorrowLand or Electric Zoo and it should be no surprise when their popularity skyrockets. There is no doubt that the music from “Love Death Immortality” will soon permeate through festivals, clubs, and parties across the country.

Despite their newfound calling towards EDM, The Glitch Mob has remained true to its original sound. Fans of their earlier music should relish in the fact that the heavy beats that defined the group remain the central focus despite the stylistic change. Every single track on the new album is immediately reflects The Glitch Mob’s unique and recognizable touch. While “Love Death Immortality” may not have the same wide range of styles as “Drink The Sea”, it should be noted that the tracks on the new album form a much more cohesive theme.

From the high flying synth lines of “Mind Of A Beast” to the mash of indie and EDM in “Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart” (feat. Sister Crayon), the album truly is a solid piece of work from top to bottom. Well-produced hard hitting songs like the mostly instrumental “Can’t Kill Us” and “Skullclub” are sure to appeal to the fans seeking the pure beats that first made The Glitch Mob famous.

In an effort to diversify their sound, The Glitch Mob has also made much greater use of collaboration with other artists in this album. Songs featuring Aja Volkman such as “Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)” are great mixes of The Glitch Mob beats with her vocals. Volkman’s alternative-rock influence can be clearly heard on both songs she is featured on. Expanding on their interest in utilizing indie rock and indie pop sounds, The Glitch Mob features Metal Mother, Yaarrohs, and Sister Crayon on three songs in their album that are welcome breaks in the otherwise mostly instrumental dominated sound.

Overall, the quality of “Love Death Immortality” has far exceeded expectations. Since the album dropped on February 11th, most praise from the hardcore fans has gone to the tracks consisting purely of Glitch Mob beats, but their collaborations will undoubtedly make a splash as more listeners new to the group pick up the album. The album is surprisingly cheap right now but there is no doubt that the cost will spike as soon as the album blows up. “Love Death Immortality” is a definite must for anyone into the EDM or electronic scene, so pop one in and get listening.

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