At approximately 11 a.m. on Wednesday, a man entered the post office in the basement of Todd Union. He requested to mail six packages and produced address labels for them.

He did not have boxes in hand and proceeded to create boxes out of the cardboard in the recycling bin. After the boxes were taped and labels were applied, he completed his transaction and left the post office.

The post office worker who had dealt with the man found the man and his packages suspicious.

“It piqued his awareness that it was just kind of odd,” said Assistant Director of Security Operations Dana Perrin.

The worker called Public Safety to come to the office and investigate.

Upon arrival, Public Safety decided to call the Rochester Police Department (RPD), who responded quickly and efficiently. Perrin sent the email to the student body to inform them of the situation but to assure them they were not in harms way. The police department and the Postmaster Inspector looked through the packages. When they concluded the search and found nothing, students were again informed via email. “We’re trying to craft a better image,” Perrin said, “It’s very important to get the message to everyone.”

The RPD conducted a thorough investigation of the area and the packages and established that there was no threat.

Sanguinetti is a member of the class of 2015.

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