Now is the time of year when many girls start to dwell on the unsavory prospect of being without a valentine. Humor is often used in the shape of “forever alone” jokes and witty Facebook statuses to cover up insecurities and make fun of the polarizing holiday that is Valentine’s Day.

This year, Rochester girls should try a different approach to make it through the Valentine’s Day Blues. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself by grabbing all your single girlfriends and heading over to Devil May Care on Park Ave.

Devil May Care owner and co-founder, Rosie Mahoney, describes her lingerie store as “dedicated to making every woman feel confident and comfortable from the inside out.” The store has a wide selection of bras, panties, pantyhose, garter belts, robes, and men’s underwear from different brands including Maison Close, Marlies Dekkers, Elle Macpherson, and many others.

Many girls make the mistake of thinking that lingerie should only be worn and owned if they have a boyfriend. But wearing underwear that makes you feel pretty is something everyone should do, including singles. Why should we treat our first layer of clothing any different than our last?

So my advice for this Valentine’s Day is to grab your friends, check out Devil May Care, get a bag of Swedish Fish and remember that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. But for now, if you’re single, celebrate yourself and your friends.





Cossich is a first year graduate student.

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