This year, an unusual amount of NFL teams are in need of a tight end that can produce right out of the gate. The top three tight end prospects in this year’s NFL draft are, in order, North Carolina’s Eric Ebron, Washington’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and Texas Tech’s Jace Amaro.Ebron is the only one of the three that is truly deserving of a first-round selection. He uses his speed and agility to get separation and make defenders miss. Furthermore, his hands are like vise-grips and his ability to make one-handed catches is astounding. If he lines up at tight end, he can burn linebackers. If he lines up at receiver, he is a mismatch for corners. However, his size makes it hard to break tackles and block well. That being said, there have been reports that he has put on weight in recent months in preparation for the draft.

Seferian-Jenkins is also a very talented player and will likely go at the end of the first round or the beginning of the second. Seferian-Jenkins is like a gymnast, agile and graceful, but with a big body – he is 6’6’’ and 268 lbs. – that moves defenders out of the way when he falls forward. He does not have the speed that Ebron possesses, but his long arms provide him with great reach, which he uses to haul in balls that others couldn’t. He does have a DUI on his record, which may cause his draft stock to drop a little.

Amaro is probably more talented than Seferian-Jenkins, but his injury history makes him enough of a risk that no team will want to spend a first-round pick on him. He has suffered a torn ACL, lacerated spleen, fractured rib, and multiple concussions. However, he is fast enough that linebackers will have a nightmarish time covering him and he has reliable hands. He also has an uncanny ability to pick up yards after the catch by shaking off defenders or making them miss altogether.

But what teams will want them? The New York Giants could use their 12th overall pick to claim Ebron, since they are in dire need of offense after being shut out twice and only breaking 30 points in a game once last season. Taking a tight end with the 12th pick is unwise, though, since the Giants need to boost their offensive line, and there should be an elite guard or tackle still available after 11 selections. This means the Baltimore Ravens will probably nab Ebron with their first-round pick, since wide receivers Torrey Smith and Marlon Brown are the only true threats the Ravens have in the passing game, and Ebron is great as a slot receiver.

The New England Patriots may use their first round pick on a tight end, as they really need a healthy and respectable player at that position. The Patriots had two star tight ends on their roster just two years ago, but Aaron Hernandez is on trial for murder and Rob Gronkowski has only played in 18 games over the past two seasons due to four forearm surgeries, back surgery, and a torn ACL. If Ebron falls this far, New England will probably take him; they may also take Seferian-Jenkins.

The Seattle Seahawks are another team that needs a tight end and may use their first-round pick on one. Since Ebron will be taken by this point in the draft, they would likely take Washington product and native Seferian-Jenkins. Amaro will probably be chosen early in the second round by the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

My prediction is that Ebron will go to the Ravens, Seferian-Jenkins to the Seahawks, and Amaro to the Buccaneers.

Ondo is a member of the class of 2014.

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