Recent letters to the editor received by the Campus Times have been particularly critical of members of the Editorial Board and the editorials published in recent issues.
We appreciate and even welcome criticism, feedback, corrections, and suggestions for improvement.
Unfortunately, we find some of the claims of shoddy journalistic work leveled against us recently to be deeply troubling.
Multiple letters submitted in the past week frequently allude to purported last minute correspondence, or attempted correspondence, by an unnamed member of the editorial board. These claims are categorically false.
The only members of staff at the Campus Times who have any influence or input into the editorial boards published are the five individuals listed below.
Any correspondence or contact with junior staff outside of those listed should not be  expected to reach the editorial board.

A slice of home at AASU and TSA’s Night Market

For kids like me who grew up spending summers back in their parents’ hometown overseas, the Night Market was a slice of my heritage hidden in plain sight.



Hasan Minhaj and the credibility complex

At the end of the day, Minhaj is not a journalist — but to some, he is. His credibility as a source matters because he chooses to portray himself as such.