Alyssa Arre, Photo Editor

Over the past few months, several important offices have changed locations on campus. The Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), the Career Center, and the Study Abroad offices have moved locations for this academic year.

The RCCL office has moved from the fifth floor of Wilson Commons down to the basement of Lattimore Hall.
Assistant Director for Civic Engagement Jenna Dell said that the basement of Lattimore has its advantages, including more space for professional staff and graduate assistants to engage with the University community. Dell also said that they are particularly excited for “our collaborative student work space and hope that students will find it an inspiring space to enhance their community leadership.”

As the Career Center headquarters has moved from Meliora Hall into Dewey Room 4-200, it benefits from a spacious new office area. The Career Center helps students build résumés, set goals, and search for jobs and internships. With the students’ success being their main priority, their new neighbors such as the Kerns Office, the Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA), and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), have helped the offices successfully assist students.

“Instead of just working with the other offices virtually, we are actually working together physically,” Director of the College Career Center of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Burt Nadler said. “I am now able to walk a student over to these other offices and introduce them to other people who can be a resource to them.”

The Study Abroad offices and OMSA offices have moved together to the second floor of Dewey from the basement of Lattimore. The move has caused some confusion amongst students, with some not knowing the new locatiosn of the offics that moved.

However, there seem to be more positives than negatives. Shaquill McCullers, receptionist at the Office of Study Abroad and Interdepartmental Majors, said that “there has been more exposure to the…offices. It also appears that the offices have been able to increase productivity working together.”

The relationship benefits both the employees as well as the students. With the two offices combining, study abroad students are now able to take advantage of similar benefits that the students in the OMSA office receive.

Adjusting to new offices can be difficult, but the end goal of the move is to provide the staff with the the optimal work space as well as an easily accessible location for students.

Singleton is a member of the class of 2017.

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