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BlueJump, a social media platform designed by UR students for those in Rochester to share their experiences with others, has accumulated over 150 members since its launch last month.
The development of BlueJump began as a small idea shared amongst friends.
In this instance, the creators identified a target group of bored students and decided to create a service to address them directly. Senior Jared Benjamin, one of the creators, described its inception:
“BlueJump started as an idea  [when] myself, [Seniors] Josh Holtzberg, and Sean Al-Gattas were kicking around back in December of last year. We were trying to think of something that would be useful to people, something that hadn’t been created yet. Holtzberg pointed out that a lot of people always say ‘oh, there’s nothing to do in Rochester,” ­­— when we all know there is so much to do. We decided to create a website where people could upload and share their activities and experiences in every city in the world, though we have only beta launched for Rochester,” he said.
The current team includes Senior Rachel Wesley, who provided the programming skill necessary to bring the websie to life. In February they met with Wesley to discuss her involvement.
With her help, the website went live within a month on March 24th.
The focus of the project is to expose students in Rochester to just how much is going on in Rochester to take advantage of.
“Students get caught in a kind of bubble and really don’t embrace the city and everything it has to offer,” Benjamin said. “We want to be able to allow other people access to the website and I’m really excited where this takes us. Soon, when you add something to your bucket list you’ll be able to message people you know who also have it on their bucket list and plan a time to go out and have fun.”
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