It’s 2 a.m. You’re sitting in Gleason Library. Time to stock up on snacks for a night of studying. Unfortunately, you draw the short straw and have to trek over to Hillside on behalf of the group. Grabbing everyone’s order along with their ID, you start your journey. After filling up a basket of grocery goodies, you’re stopped at the register: “You can’t use someone else’s ID card.” What do you do if you’re not up to paying for six sandwiches out of the goodness of your heart — and Declining?

While it makes sense for security purposes, this strict policy can be a huge inconvenience. We believe there is a way to mitigate the security concerns, while allowing students to continue a harmless and common convenience.

Consider possibly having pre-made sheets that students can sign to let another student use their ID card. If these sheets are kept, and a problem arises, employees and Dining Services can look back to see who used the ID card. This policy would also institute more consistency in this policy. Hillside often checks IDs, but not so strictly at the Pit or Starbucks. If students always knew how to proceed, it would be much less of a hassle.

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