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When I first got accepted to UR my senior year of high school, my excitement was through the roof. After a few days, I decided to look back at the letter of acceptance because I hadn’t actually read the entire letter besides the part that said I was accepted. This time, I noticed that I was in fact accepted for January admission and that if I were to choose UR, I would end up going in the spring rather than the fall. A few questions went through my head. “Why?,” “Why?,” and most importantly, “What?” I couldn’t understand how starting school in January was even possible.  However, after I talked it over with my parents, I decided to attend UR anyway.

Looking back at that choice, I question myself. Do I regret it? Yes. Computer science is harsh to January admits. There is almost no way for me to catch up. They restrict classes I need to take just for the fall, making me take random classes this first semester I’m here. Additionally, no important classes are offerred over the summer, so even if I wanted to get back on track to where my fellow computer science majors are, I can’t. This semester, I am taking one computer science class, and it’s not even related to what I really need to take. In addition, coming in January on a social standpoint isn’t the easiest.

I love my friends, and I believe that I’m a likeable person, but trying to join friend groups that have already been established for an entire semester isn’t the easiest task.

People need to realize that coming in January and making friends isn’t difficult because the community here is fantastic, but what needs to be understood is that it will take time. Unlike coming in the fall, when making friends is as easy as saying, “let’’s be friends,” I really had to work hard to get to know people. Sometimes, I would focus more on talking to everyone than I did on my work, and I’m not sure if everyone would do the same. UR does attempt to make the process easier with a January orientation with the 30 other January admits, but by the time classes start, those friends you made in those three days won’t be there all the time. For the most part , they go their own separate ways. Some join fraternities or sororities and spend all their time with their brothers or sisters, and others get accustomed to the people living on their floors.

After analyzing all these issues, one would assume that I hate it here, but there is something that I can’t explain that overwrites all issues I have with what college I chose. I can’t say what that is, but I still wake up with a smile on my face. So, anyone trying to decide to come here in January should think hard, but in the end, those upcoming January admits should know that it was worth it for me.

Issa is a member of the class of 2016.

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