Rochester says city ill-equipped to host 2024 Olympics

The chief executive officer of the United States Olympic Committee sent the city of Rochester an unsolicited letter on Tuesday, Feb. 21 to gauge its interest in potentially hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The city, however, lacks both the financial resources and the facilities to consider an application, according to an article in the Democrat and Chronicle. In the bid process for the Games alone, New York and Chicago have spent more than $10 million. Hosting the games requires at least 45,000 hotel rooms and state-of-the-art facilities for media and athletes to comprise the Olympic Village.

The city of Rochester will host the annual State Winter Games for the Special Olympics this coming weekend. More than 650 athletes are expected to attend.


UR alumna reported missing in Waterford area

Anna Kroup ’10, 24, has been missing since shortly after midnight on Monday, Feb. 17. Kroup, who graduated with a degree in English and theater, was last seen at her residence in Waterford, a suburb of Albany.

Police, who are describing Kroup as 5’ 4” and 115 pounds, are still working to locate Kroup and, as of Wednesday, have no leads.

Kroup graduated from Waterford-Halfmoon High School in 2006, according to her Facebook profile. Her “About Me” reads: “When I grow up I want to be young and impressive. I’m a rover and a collector of loves.”


Gas prices in Rochester remain high, likely to increase through April

Gas prices in Rochester are slated to continue increasing until April after hovering at higher-than-average prices compared to last year, according to the American Automobile Association.

Regular gas was $3.95 a gallon in Rochester on Wednesday, Feb. 20. Nationwide, gas prices are up 45 cents since mid-January, and experts say they could rise 20-50 cents a gallon to hit all-time highs. Some attribute this to refineries shutting down for maintenance or damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

“We may well be heading for $4 a gallon and maybe $4.50,” William E. Simon School of Business and Administration Professor of Marketing George Cook told the Democrat and Chronicle. “The numbers are scary, and the rate of ascension in terms of the price is scary. This thing has got to slow down, and I don’t know that I see it slowing down.”

Last year, prices in Rochester hit a high of $4.09 a gallon on April 17.

Stalking people on the Internet? You must be a Certified Bona Fide Journalism Man™!

No, Aunt Petricia, it would not be ethical for me to write an article about your famous beef stew, no matter how many it has inspired.

How do you know if someone is smart?

Everyone is smart in their own way — it might not be the same as someone else or in the same way. And that is okay.

“Celebrity Skin,” celebrity mind: The rise and reign of Doja Cat

To be a celebrity in the public light isn’t to fully exist as yourself: it’s to put on a character. We may not truly know Doja Cat, and we might never.