Amanda Klug/Contributing Photographer

Amanda Klug/Contributing Photographer

UR women’s basketball earned their six hundredth program win on Sunday, Jan. 27 in a game against Brandeis University, outscoring their opponent 72-58. This huge milestone comes in the forty second year of the UR women’s basketball program history.

“To achieve our six hundredth program win was a very accomplishing feeling,” said junior Paige Aleski. “We were only part of that effort though. It took the many programs and teams before us to help our team obtain that milestone.”

This monumental record came in a home match on Sunday afternoon against fellow UAA competitors, the Brandeis University Judges, the Yellowjackets’ sixth straight win of the season.

Starting off the game, the Judges took an early lead, outscoring Rochester and making the Ladyjackets really work for the win. However, the UR women showed they were not going to crumble under some early pressure from their opponents and gained control of the game at the end of the half.

After taking the lead with 6:42 remaining in the half, the Ladyjackets stayed on top for the remainder of the game. The Judges kept it close in the beginning of the second half, but eventually, the Yellowjackets pulled away to gain a comfortable lead which they maintained for the remainder of the game, eventually winning by a solid 14-point margin.

“This game was no different then any other game” said Aleski. “Our team has followed our captains’ ideals in taking one game at a time and to not be consumed with the big picture.”
The plan clearly worked in the Yellowjackets’ favor. Several of the players pulled in huge numbers to help UR earn their victory.

“Yesterday was definitely a big win,” said Madrazo. “Brandeis is not really known as a winning program, but they were probably one of the most physical and tough teams we played so far in the UAA.”

Senior Jackie Walker was on fire, leading the Ladyjakets with 18 points. However, she was not the only player to pull in huge numbers and contribute to this monumental win. Sophomore Ally Zywicki, Aleski, and Madrazo had huge numbers themselves, each scoring double digits with 12 points and 10 rebounds, 15 points, and 10 points respectively.

“Jackie [Walker], Paige [Aleski], and Ally [Zywicki] started to get hot, so it helped change the momentum, and I don’t think Brandeis was skilled enough to match our shots” said sophomore Breanna Madrazo.

This victory earned UR a 6-1 conference record and a 14-4 overall record, currently placing the Yellowjackets in the number one seed along with Emory University Eagles on top of the UAA standing. However, this win is just one step in the overall season team goal of a NCAA championship.

“Together, we knew Brandeis was going to be tough, and with losses at the beginning of the season we know we have to compete each game and finish first in the UAA if we want a shot at the NCAA championship,” Madrazo said.

The Yellowjackets hope to build on the momentum from this win and continue their winning streak in their next game on Feb. 1 against NYU.

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