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This upcoming weekend, the Yellowjackets will take on many teams in a variety of sporting events both at home and away. Wilson Commons Student Activities, in collaboration with Athletics and Recreation, Students’ Association, University IT Computer Sales, and Coca-Cola, has successfully spearheaded  efforts to promote these events through a program commonly known as “Fill Fauver,” in reference to Fauver stadium.

Fill Fauver encourages attendance and school spirit at games through advertising and programming.

On Saturday, both the women and men’s swimming and diving teams will compete against Rochester Institute of Technology at home, while the squash team will challenge Dartmouth College at home the same day. Fill Fauver has worked to promote both of these events, aiming to increase support for the teams and the athletes.

Those involved behind Fill Fauver do more than just advertise. One such program is a new promotional offer known as “Rocky’s Mystery Bottle Giveaway,” in which Rocky the Yellowjacket will hand out water bottles that may contain prizes including Common Market coupons, candy, or tickets to a Rochester Americans (Amerks) hockey game.

Fill Fauver is not a new program and has been actively supporting UR Athletics since its inception in 2008.

Last August, after joint efforts between the Students’ Association and the D’Lions, over 800 people attended  a men’s soccer game in Fauver Stadium.

“It’s a good experience to go to a game to support your classmates and build a community within the school,” UR Spirit Coordinator Alexander Eadie said.

Eadie is Fill Fauver’s leading man and has been responsible for planning the recent and upcoming events. His passion for the program is obvious.

“In the future, I hope to see Fill Fauver become another UR tradition, but the only way it starts is with the students being aware and attending the games.”

It is already somewhat common to see a larger turnout of fans at more popular sporting events, so Fill Fauver also works to cover sports that don’t necessarily receive the same support.

“As far as I’ve seen, there is a lot of pride in the University; I see it everywhere. But as far as athletic teams, it’s something [Fill Fauver] is trying to work on,” Eadie said.

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