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In an effort to address student feedback, Dining Services has made several changes, including new menu offerings in dining halls and additional product options at other campus eateries.

New menus at Danforth Dining Center, Douglass Dining Center and Eastman Dining Center will include last semester’s most popular items as well as new selections.

At Douglass, a wrap station similar to the one available two years ago will open.

At Wilson Commons, Mel burgers and garbage plates are now available as dinner options in an effort to increase dinner sales. “Fish Fry Fridays” and weekend breakfast pizzas will also be new staples.

A range of new products will be available at Hillside Market, Connections, Starbucks and Pura Vida. At Hillside Market, Joe Bean Coffee, a brand that, according to Marketing Manager Kevin Aubrey, “focuses on artisanal brewing and single sourcing,” will replace last semester’s option. Connections will offer Pine Hill breakfast sandwiches as well as Hedonist truffles for Valentine’s Day and chocolate eggs for Easter. New breakfast combos will also be available. At Starbucks, a variety of paninis will be offered, and Pura Vida will introduce tea freezes in the spring.

In response to student complaints, Dining Services is using Healthy Oil Sprayers to reduce the use of oil in cooking.
Dining Services also implemented a Smallwares Amnesty Program, which will allow students to return plates, silverware and other dining items that have been removed from dining facilities.

Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cameron Schauf emphasized that these changes are made based on student feedback. “We are a student-driven, student-focused organization on campus.”

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