Photo by Drue Sokol

For those who are unaware, parkour is the act of getting from point A to point B in the quickest and most creative way possible. Parkour mainly involves running, jumping and different types of flips. Just don’t try this without proper training.

1. The area between Susan B. Anthony Hall and the  University Health Service building

The buildings are just close enough together that an intense jump from one building to the other could take place.

2. Dandelion Square

This square has ample open space to gain speed and flip — the space allows for much creativity. Also the clock tower would be great to climb and jump off of. Remember not to go under it, though, if you want to graduate on time.

3. The stairs next to Douglass Dining Center

These long stairs are the perfect spot for parkour. The downhill slope allows for powerful leaps and extraordinary jumps.

4. The Residential Quad

This is a great place for beginners. The grassy areas are perfect to land on without getting hurt. The large space is a great place to try out new moves and experiment.

5. The bridge to Hill Court

It’s a narrow path, perfect for the intermediate jumper. Staying within the bridge’s limits will be tricky, but the high borders are great to push off of.

6. The tunnel between Sue B. and Spurrier Hall

A strong enough push off of the stone walls will give one a good deal of momentum. As an added bonus, the bright, spray-painted walls will be aesthetically pleasing as you fly through the air. Take note that this is one of the few parkour spots where you risk hitting your head on the ceiling and not just the ground.

7. The top of Rush Rhees Library

This is the most extreme place to parkour. Be warned that this spot is for experts only. The highest point on campus is the best place for powerful dives and multiple flips.

Weinberg is a member of the class of 2015.

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