The collegiate lifestyle allows students to wake up later than is generally allowed in the real world. If a student has a schedule that is conducive to sleeping in on weekdays, he or she might crave breakfast at that awkward time most dining halls consider to be between breakfast and lunch: around 10:30 or 11 a.m.

Drue Sokol

As it stands, dining halls across campus stop full service breakfast at 10 a.m. Though this schedule works fine for early-to-rise students, for those living in more remote residence halls like Southside or Hill Court, the early wake-up times required to catch breakfast at these facilities can be a challenge.

The Commons seems like the most plausible option to provide breakfast service a little later into the day. Currently, although The Commons is technically open between 10 and 11 a.m., there is something of a lull during this time frame, as certain stations close down to transition from breakfast to lunch. It would be greatly beneficial if The Commons could at least continue serving its most popular item — breakfast sandwiches — for even another half-hour.

During that 10 to 11 a.m. window, all the food items needed to make breakfast sandwiches are either still being served or need to be prepared for the lunch rush anyway. Bagels are still available during this time, which can be used on breakfast sandwiches. Bacon is always available too, as it needs to be prepared throughout the day to be served on bacon cheeseburgers during lunch and dinner, in addition to the breakfast sandwiches in the morning. And as for the eggs themselves, they are simply fried on the grill as needed with incoming orders, so as long as there’s still time to clean the grill between the end of breakfast and the start of lunch, this should be manageable as well.

For many students, having breakfast available for just 30 more minutes could allow for a more enjoyable — not to mention convenient — start to the day.

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