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It was a frustrating weekend for UR soccer, as the men eventually tackled a Lycoming College squad that, while lacking the offensive strength to challenge the potent Yellowjackets’ defense, managed to escape nearly every offensive assault that the home team launched.

UR’s attack came early, and it was unyielding throughout the game. Just five minutes into the game, sophomore Max Fan fired a shot from inside the box. Lycoming goalie Conner Keenan, however, scrambled to just get a hand on the ball, expunging the threat. Fan had two more chances at the goal before the end of the half, but neither fooled Keenan. He finished a solid game in net with seven saves.

Senior Tom Sorrentino gave the Yellowjackets another chance at the Warriors’ net, crossing the ball to teammate and senior Jake Cargill midway through the half, but Cargill’s shot went wide and the two teams entered the half tied, 0-0. UR outshot Lycoming, however, 11-0 during the first half.

The second half opened much the same as the first. Junior Jakob Seidlitz sent three balls toward the Warriors’ net on corner kicks within the first 10 minutes of the period, but only one was touched by a Yellowjacket. Senior Scott Zorn couldn’t outplay Keenan in this one instance, and in the other two attempts the Lycoming defense managed to head the ball out of the box.
It wasn’t until minute 72 that UR finally got past Keenan. Fan chipped a corner kick to senior Max Eberhardt, who promptly headed the ball well out of reach of Keenan. The goal was Eberhardt‘s team-leading third of the season.

The Warriors failed to respond in the final eight minutes, completing the UR victory. UR goalie Scott Garfing finished with one save to earn the shutout.

Bernstein is a member of the class of 2014.

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