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Senior Casey Larsen has competed in three tournaments this season with the women’s volleyball team, and named to the All Tournament team in all of them. Despite her credentials, the outside hitter from Livingston, N.J. insists that she is simply one piece of the machine that is this year’s volleyball team, with its 9-3 record.

What is your college major?
Psychology, [with a] minor in Studio Arts.

Is there such thing as a  “home court advantage” in your sport?
Yes. When we play at home we are used to the lighting, the ceiling beam, and the perception of the ball based on the wall distance. The Palestra is the best gym I’ve played in. I love how it sets a stage for the team so fans can watch from above.

In the record-breaking win over Geneseo, you had 16 kills and 22 digs. Was it tough to play for that long, that well?
Our team trained really hard this summer and during the preseason. Even though we lost the first game, we were able to prevail in the next three games. We were also really mentally fit because many of our previous matches have been long or have gone to five games.

Your tournaments routinely consist of playing multiple times, multiple days in a row. Is it difficult to come to the court and compete, only to come back a few hours later?
It is difficult, especially because the games we play are three out of five, and it’s difficult for a team to beat another three times in a row. But this team has a lot of experience in playing multiple times a day, and it’s something you learn how to handle in travel ball before attending college.

What are your hopes for the team this season?
I would love to see this team show everyone how passionate we are about the sport and how hard we have worked. I believe success will follow. Overall, I’m really excited about the potential of this team.

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