Junior Frances Tseng defeated a St. Lawrence opponent, 8-6, to capture the A flight.

BY David Bates
Staff Writer
The UR women’s tennis team began their season with many great individual performances at the Mary Hosking Invitational, hosted by William Smith College. The tournament, which featured one-set matches to eight games (win by two), was held on Saturday, Sept. 10, and Sunday, Sept. 11.

Junior Frances Tseng competed in the tournament’s A flight. On the first day of the tournament, Tseng won two matches. In the first match, Tseng took the win, 8-4, and came back later that day to win the second match with even greater ease, 8-1. She went on to dominate the second day of the tournament by winning her semifinal match with a score of 8-1. In the exciting final match, Tseng outlasted her St. Lawrence University opponent, 8-6, to claim the Flight A championship.

“I wanted to go into this tournament with a focused and confident mindset,” Tseng said. “By making this a habit, it will definitely allow me to do well in matches to come.”

UR senior Alexandra Goodman also competed in the A Flight. Goodman won her opening match with a score of 8-5, but lost in the quarterfinals, 4-8.

Senior Jamie Bow competed in the B flight. Bow refused to let up a game in the first round, besting her opponent with a score of 8-0. Bow went on to win her quarterfinal match 8-4, but then lost in the semifinal 8-9, with a tie break score of 3-7.

On the doubles courts, Tseng and freshman Shanuki Tillekeratne won their first match 8-2. In the quarterfinals, the pair won with a score of 9-7. Tseng and Tillekeratne were pitted against teammates Goodman and senior Danielle Shreck in the semifinals. In the all-Yellowjacket match, Tseng and Tillekeratne emerged victorious, 8-6, but the duo lost in the finals.

Overall, the tournament was a great start for the returning players and the incoming freshmen. Tseng was excited about what she saw from her teammates at the tournament.

“[The tournament] helped some of the freshmen get used to college tennis and allowed the other players to get back to the rhythm of college tennis,” Tseng said. “Because our schedule this year is filled with tougher competition, we have to make sure we step it up and continue training at a high level. I believe by going through the rigorous workouts and practices, our team will produce great results.”

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