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With finals approaching, I already feel my fashion choices falling forfeit to rising levels of stress and sleep deprivation. What you put on your body seems to fall at the bottom of the food chain when juggling tests, papers, solidifying summer plans and finding freshmen with enough meal plan left to pay for your coffee. To take a bit off of your plate, I’ve decided to outline some go-to looks based off of your study locale. Here are some stylings I made up (tongue-in-cheek) for all of your finals week needs.

The PRR Prowler

Oxford chic: I’m talking nubbly, elbow-patched sweaters with the sleeves pushed up. Underneath, stark cotton blouses, pens in pocket holders. Bottoms: a pair of spring corduroys, in light khaki or white, cuffed at the ankles. If not corduroys, then a worn-in pair of jeans with a classic leather belt. On the feet, a pair of oxfords or loafers, the kind your professors have been wearing in with years of knowledge. A classic wrist (or pocket!) watch would top off this ensemble splendidly.

The Gleason Jock

Athletic club meets prep: Sweatpants with a blazer (see Alexander Wang, J. Crew, etc). Make your gym gear snappy; pair your track pants with a button-down, or leggings and sneakers with a cotton dress. Since Gleason Library is such a lively place, it only makes sense to correspond with a bit of color: Streaks of neon in shoes or the linings of zip-up sweaters, headbands, will give your dog-days-of-finals week that much more pep. To really get your head in the game, I suggest candy-colored stop watches and sweatbands. Judgment tends to go out the window during finals week anyhow, so why not look the part?

The Art & Music Junkie

Homeless hipster: Start with an oversized scarf that you can wrap around your neck at least three times. Throughout your studying, feel free to explore the draping capabilities of the scarf  in different artistically-pleasing places on your body (a babushka? a sash?). Tights or knee-high socks are essential with a basic bootie, as are American Apparel staples like v-necks and spandex skirts. Oversized blouses that operate as dresses also work. Abundant rings or bracelets to fidget with are encouraged, as are oversized glasses to obscure the dark circles forming under your eyes.

The Stacks Hobo

‘90s grunge: I’m talking plaid. Lots of plaid flannel. High-waisted jeans and color-block hoodies. Obnoxious floral patterns on shirts, leggings, jeans, blazers. Anything layered with obscure band t-shirts is a plus. Combat boots obviously on the feet, probably with some ironic argyle socks. Shapeless tees with skinny jeans are also good basics. Bandanas, anyone? (And they don’t have to be doo-rags.) Otherwise, neglect bodily hygiene for a while, and you’ll be all set.

The Carlson Creeper

Hippie nerd: To start, t-shirts with smart-aleck references to “Star Trek,” “The Legend of Zelda” or “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” or any other slightly hip subculture. Knit beanies with glasses. Airy spring skirts paired with colored converse and leg-warmers. Cotton, heather sweatshirts with knit dresses and leather sandals. Hemp or beaded jewelry encouraged, but not required.

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