1. Two separate incidents of cash theft were reported on Saturday, April 17. In both incidents, students reported that other items had also been stolen.

According to UR Senior Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty, the first theft occurred between 1 and 1:30p.m. in Kilbourn Hall. An undergraduate student, who was monitoring the backstage area at the time, briefly left her purse unattended. When she returned, her wallet which contained cash, ID and credit cards had allegedly been stolen. The purse itself was not stolen.

In the second incident, a brother of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity reported that an iPod and $40 cash were stolen from his room while he was away.

Besides his roommate, the individual claimed that only two people were in his room during the time frame of the theft. The victim reportedly confronted both of these students about the incident, but neither of them admitted to taking the belongings.
A police report may be filed at a later time for both incidents.

Individuals caught handing out religious fliers

2. Three individuals were discovered to be handing out religious fliers on Library Road near Information Technology Services on Thursday, April 15. Since the individuals were not acting on behalf of a student group registered with the Student Activities Office, handing out the fliers was in violation of University policy.

According to Lafferty, UR Security discovered the individuals and advised them against such activity. The students departed the area without incident.

Noise complaint leads to party disbanding in Riverview

3. Security received a report at 1:42 a.m. on Saturday about excessively loud music coming from Building C of the Riverview Apartments complex.

Security responded and established contact with the residents of the apartment in question. According to Lafferty, it was then discovered that there were around 30 people partying in the first-floor suite.

Security ended the party, and all the guests departed without incident.

Another bike theft on the River Campus

4. In the latest of a series of similar incidents on the River Campus, an undergraduate student reported that his bike was stolen from the bike rack near University Health Service. The theft reportedly occurred sometime between 11 p.m. on Monday and 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to Lafferty, the student secured the bike with a cable lock while it was stored in the rack. The lock was reported missing as well.

Currently, no police report has been filed.

UR student transported to Strong Memorial Hospital

5. On Monday, April 15, a student had to be transported from the River Campus UHS building to the emergency department of Strong Memorial Hospital for a laceration on his chin.

According to Lafferty, the student told officers that he/she cut his/her foot caught a step, causing a fall. The incident occurred on the stairway between Meliora Hall and Rush Rhees Library.

Tikkun olam and the Jewish quest for justice

It makes me sick that the oppression of Palestinians, both on campus and abroad, has been done with the manufactured consent of my community.

UR protests aren’t a threat to Jews

Outside of a temple or family gathering, I feel safest as a Jew at UR, and this has not changed with the protests on campus.

Violence will not solve what violence created

More violence against Palestinians will not lead to the development of the peaceful society that all parties deserve.