I am writing to follow-up on an article about transportation in the April 1 issue of the CT. After carefully reviewing the issue, the College has decided to implement the plan to assess a $25 transportation fee for undergraduates in the College. As had been discussed, there will also be a new Transportation Advisory Committee. At least two students will serve on this Committee, which will provide a forum for discussion of all issues related to transportation. The funds generated by the new fee will be used to cover the costs of buses used primarily for entertainment and convenience purposes. To the extent possible, the buses will serve routes and run at times that students prefer. In discussions of these matters, some students asked about the possibility of running a weekend shuttle between Riverview and River Campus. This is an issue that the Transportation Advisory Committee can discuss at its first meeting, which I hope will occur before the end of the semester.

While I realize that no one likes to see a new fee, it is my expectation that the combination of the fee and the Advisory Committee will lead to a stable source of funds to run buses on routes and on schedules that best meet the needs and preferences of students. Some students have expressed concern that the fee will be increased annually. I can promise that the transportation fee will not be increased for the two years after next year unless there is a consensus among students that an increased fee is desirable to achieve increased services. In general, we prefer to avoid separate fees for particular services. However, a fee to generate funds primarily to be used by students to provide transportation for entertainment and convenience purposes is a reasonable exception to this general practice.

Richard Feldman
Dean of the College

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