On Monday, April 12, Todd Union became the most recent River Campus building to be equipped with wireless Internet access.

However, Todd will be joined by several residence buildings that The College of Arts and Sciences is planning to equip with wireless this summer.

‘Students have made it clear that adding wireless access in the residence halls and other buildings on campus is a very high priority for them,” Dean of the College Richard Feldman said. ‘We are doing what we can to continue wireless expansion. I’m glad that we were able to add Todd Union recently and I’m delighted to report that we will be adding wireless to some of the residence halls this summer. As soon as we have determined which ones we will be able to include, we’ll be sure to let students know.”

Todd Union was also a first-priority building on the Students’ Association Projects and Services Committee’s UR Wireless Project Proposal filed last March on behalf of substantial student response to the lack of wireless in certain areas on campus.

The goal of the report was to prioritize which buildings should receive access in the hopes that the River Campus will eventually have full wireless access.

‘The addition of wireless Internet technology in Todd Union will enhance the learning experience for students studying music history, music theory, and other related fields at the College. We’re very excited to receive this upgrade,” Manager of UR Music Performance Programs Josef Hanson said. Todd currently houses the Music and Theater Department.
The second building on the SA proposal, Douglass Dining Center, was equipped with wireless access last summer, in time for students returning to campus in August.

“I was very pleased to hear that wireless in Todd this year would be a possibility,” sophomore Senator and co-chair of Projects and Services Bradley Halpern said. ‘I hope progress continues at this rate, and I am excited to have a fully wireless campus in the future. Thanks to Steve Taylor and Ovide Corriveau from the College for their work in finding funds for the project, and thanks to Eric Fredericksen and University IT for seeing it through.”

The College will be soon announcing exactly which residence buildings will be renovated over the summer with wireless technology.

Wireless in Residential Quad buildings, including Tiernan Hall the only freshman dorm currently lacking wireless sits as the next in line on the SA’s report for wireless expansion, with the other residential areas following.

Upperclassmen residence halls have also been at the top of students’ lists for eventual wireless access.

‘I would say Towers would be an intelligent decision,” sophomore Karimu Mohammed said. ‘And Phase most definitely.”

‘Do we have wireless on the Eastman Quad on the grass?” sophomore Shaelom James said. ‘I can’t think of any places … just Towers.”

Clark is a member of the class of 2012.

Additional reporting by Becky Rosenberg.

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