Former County Deputy Executive is acquitted

At the Monroe County Court, the former County Deputy Executive James Smith was acquitted of six misdemeanor counts of misconduct for allegedly trying to protect the workers of the Robutrad program from punishment yesterday.

After debating for almost 20 hours over two days, the jury finally released their verdict.
If Smith had been convicted for all six charges, he would have had a sentence that could have been as severe as an unconditional discharge to up to two years in jail.

Rochester receives grant
money for AIDS prevention

The State Health Department announced that two grants are to be given to the AIDS Care foundation in Rochester this week.

The $212,500 state grant is part of a larger $7.6 million grant, which is divided across the state to increase efforts to discover and get substance users into treatment. In addition, this grant is also used for HIV prevention care.

An additional $193,735, which is included in the $7.6 million statewide grant, is given specifically to Aids Care to help women, especially women of color, and young people so they can avoid other sexually transmitted infections.

The goal of this grant is to target 3,000 people per year, examine 240 for entry into substance abuse and/ or HIV treatment.

Lastly, this grant aims to triple the number of HIV rapid tests on the mobile unit to 600 people per year.

Hearing bells? UR not crazy — it’s the carillon!

Each year, 12 students take part in a class where they learn how to play the Hopeman Memorial carillon located at the very top of Rush Rhees Library.

The Beatles release their final song, bringing the 1960s into 2023 

Though it marks the official end of the Beatles’ career, it also marks the start of a new age of appreciation and love for their genius and timeless music.

Letter to the Editor: “Revelations in the ruins”

We must continue to rally and march to show strength and ensure that genocide does not happen in complicit silence.