Local groups seeking funding for after-school activities

Across the Rochester area, funding for after-school programs has been drastically cut in recent months. The ‘Community Coalition,” a group formed to develop long-term solutions to this problem, is headed to Albany next week to petition for more funding for programs that will keep kids off the streets.

The group is aiming for $5 million over the next four years for such programs.

Another group the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation (RDDC) is seeking immediate ways to give kids places to go after school.

According to Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, president of RDDC, there were once 16 different organizations in the area providing after-school services. Now, only four remain.

These and other organizations plan to meet soon to share ideas on how to curb this trend.

Contract requested for downtown demolition

Several structures from an old shopping mall and office complex are set to come down in the coming months. The State has issued a request for proposals for the demolition contract, with the winning bid to be announced March 16.

Specifically, several sky bridges, the Midtown Plaza building and parts of the service tunnel from Midtown to the Regency Rochester Hotel are slated to be demolished.

No explosives or implosive techniques will be used in the demolition. The state has already committed at least $50 million to the project.

Justin Fleming is a member of the class of 2013.
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