Artistic expression holds an appeal for many at UR, considering the University’s 25 performing and fine arts student organizations and strong enrollment in dance, music and art classes. This artistic subculture has begun to receive greater recognition in the admissions process with the newly created Prince Street Scholarship, a scholarship devoted to attracting applicants who have shown particular talent in the arts

The scholarship’s aid is broad, ranging from $7,500 to $20,000, as is its definition of what constitutes ‘art”: Prospective students who write, paint, act, play music, dance, etc. are eligible. Students who are offered the scholarship are also invited to Arts at Rochester, a weekend program coinciding with Spring Open Campus in April. Aside from UR’s Youth Orchestra Scholarship, which grants aid to prospective students in regional orchestras, there has been little else that singles out applicants with remarkable artistic ability.

The Prince Street Scholarship gives the occasionally overlooked arts some deserved attention. Drawing more students to UR with an invested interest would enrich undergraduate life and bolster these creative programs. Also, such a scholarship makes the River Campus more attractive to students who are already drawn to UR for the music culture that the Eastman School of Music provides.

The Office of Admissions has taken a step toward a larger goal of emphasizing the arts on the River Campus. Part of the University’s strategic plan is to develop larger and better arts facilities, particularly a new music hall, an updated Strong Auditorium and Todd Union, a new dance performance space and more. By reaching out to students with high interest and skill in these disciplines, UR is marginally improving its student culture. While this small-scale scholarship will not transform the River Campus alone, it at least begins to promote an area that is evidently popular.

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