We are writing in response to a question raised in last week’s Campus Times about the College’s policy on study abroad transfer credit. Our policy does, in fact, permit students to receive credit for courses in languages, such as Afrikaans, that are not taught on campus. One of the best reasons to go abroad is to have access to new disciplines. We encourage students to enroll in credit-bearing courses that will enrich their studies.

For transferring credit, three basic guidelines apply:

*The courses must be offered by an accredited institution.

*Grades for all courses must be equivalent to a UR ‘C” or better.

*All courses must be broadly comparable to courses available at UR.

‘Broadly comparable” means similar in kind and content. There are many examples of courses not available here for which students have received credit. Here are just a few: Worlds Beyond Oxford: Tolkien, Lewis and Pullman (Bath), The Maghreb and the Arab World (Paris), Australian Environmental Studies (Melbourne), History of Ghana (Legon), Elementary Hungarian (Budapest), Wolof (Dakar) and Swedish (Uppsala).

The Center for Study Abroad approves courses taken overseas for elective credit. For questions about credit transfer, please contact the Center for Study Abroad, Lattimore 206, abroad@admin.rochester.edu, (585) 275-7532.

Center for Study Abroad
Chair, Modern Languages and Cultures

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