In the pitch black night
and cool crisp air,
ghosts and goblins
roam everywhere.

Frightful kids scatter about
collecting treats,
for their moms and dads
later to eat.

Knock knock on the door.
Who’s there?
A trick for a treat.
They do,
they dare!

Candy corn and chocolate,
popcorn balls and more.
The Halloween spirit fills each kid to their very core.

Later in bed,
tucked under and warm,
something’s still out there,
unsettled and worn.

The trees begin to rattle
and the leaves shake the Earth.
The screeching owl howls,
and other dreadful creatures lurk.

Fog rolls through the streets
and a smell lingers near,
reminiscent of the dead,
instills nothing but fear.

Pumpkins still aglow when
midnight strikes the hour.

An expected knock;
the door opens to a crack,
shining through is
black, black, black.

Inside, the fireplace burns, your body shook and quivered
at the thought of someone there,
a final Halloween thriller.

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