This Saturday, the Bill Tiberio Band a jazz band headed by virtuosic alto saxophone player Bill Tiberio is playing free of charge in the May Room.
Opening up for them is Parotia, a local band comprised of members from Rochester. The band consists of Kevin Plane on guitar and lead vocals, UR senior Sam Fishman on drums, and Ben Tiberio on bass and they are often joined by senior Jeremy Fishman on alto saxophone and Matt Klock on synth.
I saw Parotia at their recent Water Street show, and there’s nothing like the intensity these guys build up in their medleys. I sat down with Sam Fishman to find out more about the band and their upcoming show.

How did Parotia get started, and what does the name mean?
Sam Fishman: Kevin actually started a band way back in 2003 with the same name, but things didn’t get going with the current lineup until about 10 months ago. The name comes from an exotic bird from New Guinea, since we hope our audience lets themselves go and enjoy the groove.

How would you describe Parotia’s sound, and what are your influences?
SF: We’ve got a bit of an island feel, and we mix in funk and some jungle rhythms. We’re heavily influenced by jam bands such as Phish, along with 311, Jason Mraz, Dispatch, and progressive jazz such as Herbie Hancock.

Who does the writing, and have you guys made any recordings?
SF: Kevin does most of the writing, although recently I’ve started recording drum tracks for him to write chord patterns over. A while back, Kevin recorded a full album but we haven’t gotten it pressed yet so the only place to hear it is online. Although it was recorded before the new lineup was together, we still play most of the songs. Check out ‘Survived” if you’re hearing us for the first time, and another great one is ‘Ascension” which we play completely different live.

I noticed that your band’s artwork is really cool who does your artwork?
SF: Jordan Bork (of This AM Static) has done pretty much everything.

What are your hopes as a band?
SF: It’d be sweet to build an underground following. We’d like to be able to play to an audience that really digs the sound and wants to dance and groove.

Where has Parotia performed before, and do you have any favorite venues?
SF: We’ve played at the Lovin’ Cup twice, played at the Club at Water Street, at Naples Fest and a couple of other venues. The Lovin’ Cup is my favorite because they always have a great crowd and the place’s setup is perfect.

Are there any other local bands you especially like?
SF: I love Walri’s sound, and Pia Mater has a great sense of jamming. We played with Sophistafunk once (out of Syracuse), and they’re always an amazing show.

Are you doing anything special at Saturday’s show?
SF: We’ll be playing an all-instrumental set to fit the jazz theme of the show, and we’re doing a classic jazz/funk tune from the 70’s called ‘Red Clay” by Freddie Hubbard, on which Bill Tiberio (alto sax) and Scott Bradley (keys) of the Bill Tiberio Band are going to join us it’ll be a ridiculous finish to our set.

Any closing words?
SF: As Kevin says always take things in stride.

You can check out Parotia at Be sure to listen to ‘Hye “n Dry” it won’t get out of your head!
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the class of 2011.

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