Umesi replaced on Senate

Former Students’ Association senator and freshman Chizoba Umesi’s seat on the Senate was replaced by freshman Rohini Bhatia, who is currently serving on the Steering Committee.

Umesi was impeached for an attendance violation and lack of involvement on Monday, Nov. 16. Umesi opted not to appeal.

Jerome Nathaniel is a member of
the class of 2011.

H1N1 vaccine on its way to River Campus

University Health Service anticipates that it will receive more dosages of the H1N1 vaccine to administer to River Campus students and employees in the coming week.
‘We are hopeful that we will have enough to announce a clinic in the near future,” Associate Director of Health Promotions Linda Dudman said. ‘It’s kind of a universal problem that we don’t know if we will be able to host a clinic until we know how much we will be receiving.”

But according to Dudman, exactly how much UHS will be receiving either directly from Monroe County Health or from the State of New York is still yet to be determined. UHS is yet to have a vaccine clinic for students or employees on the River Campus but has administered a small supply of vaccines to high-risk individual students under the age of 18 who have asthma or diabetes, medical or health professional students and employees working in health services.

Dudman encourages students and employees to use the ‘Pandemics” page of its Web site for updates on if and when a clinic will be held.

‘If we do receive enough of the dosages, we will plan on administering them before the winter break,” Dudman said.

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the class of 2010.

Ampadu recognized as
Black Engineer of the Year

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Paul Ampadu will receive the Special Recognition Award from the Black Engineer of the Year Awards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Global Competitiveness Conference in Baltimore, Md. on Feb. 20.

The award recognizes Ampadu’s contributions to the University’s engineering school and the student community.

The Ghana-born professor researches reliable energy-efficient integrated nanoscale circuits, systems and architectures and is funded by five research companies, including the New York State Foundation for Science Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR).

In addition to his research, the conference selected Ampadu for his involvement in mentoring underrepresented students who are interested in engineering.

According to Assistant Dean for Diversity Initiatives Beth Olivares, since Ampadu started mentoring Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) students and helped improve the curriculum and teaching methods for the program, the University has seen a steady increase in the retention of ECO students in science-and technology-related studies.
Ampadu also works with high school students and science teachers during the summer.

Jerome Nathaniel is a member of
the class of 2011.

Hippo Campus’ D-Day show was to “Ride or Die” for

Hippo Campus’ performance was a well-needed break from the craze of finals, and just as memorable as their name would suggest.

Time unfortunately still a circle

Ever since the invention of the wheel, humanity’s been blessed with one terrible curse: the realization that all things are, in fact, cyclical.

Colin’s Review Rundown: Future and Metro Boomin, Lizzy McAlpine, Benson Boone, Civerous

Is it bad? Definitely not! But I found myself continually checking my phone to see how many tracks were left.