Junior forward Melissa Alwardt, a health and society major from Greece, N.Y. and an alumna of Greece-Athena High School, has decided that a candy bar before each game gives her the energy she needs for success.

It seems to be working, too, as she currently leads the University Athletic Association in 3-pointers made, averaging 2.3 per game.

Last weekend, Alwardt led the team in victories over Emory University and Case Western Reserve University.

Against Emory, she scored 14 points and contributed seven assists, and against Case, she scored 17 points, made four rebounds and had three assists in just 16 minutes of play.

What made you decide to stay in Rochester?

At first, I wanted to come here just for the academics, but being close to home helps because then my parents can come see all my games, which they enjoy.
What’s your favorite part about being on the team?
Playing basketball my whole life, it’s what you learn to do. It’s just a fun team to be with.

What games are you most worried about in the remainder of the season?

This weekend is going to be big because it’s New York University and Brandeis University again, and [they] both are ranked and they both have the players to beat us, but I think we’ll prepare well enough to beat them.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

All I really have to do is eat a candy bar for energy.

What would you say is your favorite candy bar?

Probably the Midnight Milky Way.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I would have to say, again, it’s candy. I’ll eat anything chocolate or chocolate-covered.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
Right now, [to] win a national championship.

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