There are some things that are just so connected with the college experience that we almost come to expect them. Fire drills at the worst possible time, the drunken floor mate being pulled kicking and screaming by MERT, buses leaving late or never showing up and freezing cold weather from November until May.

But I am going to spend little time today analyzing any of those. I want to discuss a topic that is near and dear to our own hearts, or better yet, our stomachs.

That is, the quality of food on campus. Campus food gets a bad reputation. I was constantly told by upper classmen to change around where I ate, or I would get sick of the meals very fast. And even then, that wasn’t much to say for the quality of the meals themselves. I have even heard people go so far as to liken the quality of the Pit’s food to its name.

But there seems to be one specific food item that most people are forgetting about, one that I know my UR experience would not be complete without. And that, my friends, is the mighty Pit Steak and Cheese.

I’ll admit, it probably isn’t the healthiest thing to eat. In fact, it probably isn’t the healthiest thing to eat for several meals in a row.

But damn, it is good.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you need to go to the Pit right now and order a Steak and Cheese. Hell, maybe you even need to go order two of them and enlighten a friend while you are at it. And if you don’t smile as you bite into the melted cheese, the hot peppers and the lovely steak, then I probably wouldn’t be surprised if you were half-alien, or even worse, vegetarian.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love vegetables. And I don’t hate vegetarians. In fact, before I came to school here, I rarely ate steak. When I did, it was usually in very small amounts that I had to cut up to make sure it was all steak and no fat. In other words, I was a leaf, bread, and pasta eater. But that was all before the Steak and Cheese.

So why would I spend a whole article on one food? Because I think people need to stop whining about the food on campus. Even if all we had were a dozen Steak and Cheese Stands, food here would rock.

Dining works hard to mend the menu to every single person’s needs, and is always looking for suggestions from student as to what they want to eat.

We have eating places across campus that I haven’t even gotten a chance yet to explore, and of course there is always Danforth with all-you-can eat ice cream.

And even if food here was that bad, which it isn’t, I still see few reasons to complain. Did you have to hunt the food yourself?

No. You didn’t even have to cook it yourself. You swept your UR I.D. card in total apathy of what went behind that food you are so eager to complain about, yet are also so eager to eat. Go ahead and take it for granted, but you could be out in the real world making food for yourself or going hungry.

So say what you want about campus food. I’m going to go eat another Steak and Cheese.

Clark is a member of
the class of 2012.

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