Ah, the conquest! To find a mate. Multiple mates! Yes, men, let us redefine the morals of the gentleman and the values of the chivalrous to encompass 100 percent of the actions in which humans need to take part: reproduction.

Let us take what we want when it is open to us. Let us demonize the dangerous concept of a woman’s self-respect. Let us convince ourselves that a man is not really a slave to the pursuit of endorphin-driven happiness but rather a master of the women who surround him. I call for an eradication of the thing these boring, sex-starved and polite men call decency.

What is decency really? Can’t women consider their own feelings without us men to think about them and then focus on them?

Most of us men don’t really have a clue what women are thinking anyway. We might as well assume that women are not worth the analysis, since it is generally illogical to firmly believe in a guess.

I can guess that women do not want to be valued solely for their bodies. I can guess that women feel used when they see a guy that just ‘reproduced with” with another woman. I can guess that in every woman there is a strong and dignified individual who wants to take pride in the traits that she secretly derives her confidence from when no one is looking.

But none of that matters. It might as well be part of a man’s distant memory. Why?

Because even if these guesses are true, now is absolutely the wrong time to start thinking differently about our lives. College is not the time to create in ourselves an individual who suddenly thinks like an adult in terms of our esteem.
Men, let us begin our conquests each night and strive toward success in achieving our dominance over women. There truly are no rules in this game, and we have never been freer.

Let’s say a few things about reproduction. Reproduction is fun, relieving and the most natural thing in the world. There is no shame in spreading our seed to as many places as we can. Hell, male animals freely reproduce with any female they can get (the ones who get the females are generally the ones not throwing feces around). We need to think of sex as a goal.

But who wants to work hard to achieve a goal? What kind of person will survive in a world where the ethics of a decision make the decision take so much more time? Ask yourself this does it really matter who it is that we reproduce with?

It was Ben Franklin who said, ‘All dogs are gray in the dark.” It was Governor Spitzer who said, ‘Send me the youngest you got!” What logic from such respectable men!
What does Woman A have that Woman B does not have (besides the occasional case of herpes)? If we don’t worry about who we reproduce with, then we will be able to reproduce with so many more people. We will be reproducing left and right. Oh, how happy that will make us.

Plus, if we allow alcohol to formulate our thoughts and our reasons, we won’t have to know or care about whom we are reproducing with. We won’t have to worry about making huge mistakes. We are just fulfilling our dreams! Our goals! Our lives can be complete.
Now for the ugly alternative. Now for the vision of society that the dying breed of the chivalrous consider to be right. This is a society where men are first attracted by the looks of a woman, but along the way become attracted to the woman’s personality. Thoughts, ideas, visions and dreams are shared by the two and a bond develops.

This takes time. The stronger the two individuals are willing to make the bond, the longer it takes to make it. Energy is used to give complements and to laugh together. The first kiss makes the heart pound, the calls are exciting, the happiness is real. These people will stick together through the difficult times and recognize how lucky they are to never feel lonely. They save every kind of physical advance for their partner, making any act of love or lust undivided. They treat each other decently because they really enjoy being together. The feelings they have for their partner make them believe in things they never thought were possible.

This is a world that, in my opinion, is slowly leaving. This is a world that can never be re-achieved once it is lost. Don’t you think that the kind of world that we need to spread is the world of free reproduction? This way, we will not worry about damaging the souls of the men and women we degrade. We will not have to think twice about gratifying our basic and natural instincts. We will not have to say ‘good night” or ‘good morning” to people with whom we have developed something more.

We will not have to worry about blaming rationality for losing a friend of the opposite gender, losing respect from our peers and losing ourselves in the freedom. The world of lust is an easy one. Life is hard enough; let’s give ourselves a break with the way we treat women.

Or, let’s treat women with respect. Let’s be gentlemen. Let’s remember the friends and family members who are women. Let’s remember ourselves. This I seriously believe.

Schmitt is a member of the class of 2011.

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