The Optical Society of America, a locally-based optics group, celebrated its 92nd anniversary at Rochester’s Riverside Convention Center from Oct. 19-23.

In this year’s celebration, known as Frontiers in Optics, OSA was joined by the American Physical Society’s Division of Laser Science.

There was an exhibition by the 100 leading local optics companies on innovative technology. More than 75 local Rochester research papers were presented. Two of the presented topics included New Optics for Improved Solar Power Generators and the Future of Solid-State Lighting.

OSA gave awards to three local scientists at this year’s Frontier in Optics meeting.
Co-founder and president of OptiPro System Michael Bechtold received the conference’s Paul F. Forman Engineering Excellence Award.

Professor of Optical Physics Emil Wolf was presented the 2008 Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award. His book, ‘Introduction to the Theory of Coherence and Polarization of Light,” published in October 2007, is the first book to provide a unified treatment of the phenomena of coherence and polarization.

Graduate student Katie Hasman was named the winner of the first Harvey M. Pollicove Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is given to outstanding graduate students pursuing a degree in the optics field.

Islam is a member of the class of 2012.

URMSD Spectrum hosts drag benefit show

Performers interacted with the students running off the flimsy stage avoiding near-death with heels catching on the stairs of the stage.

Drag Charity Show: out and proud on campus

The event to aimed to bring visibility to ongoing LGBTQ+ youth issues throughout the Rochester area.


Perhaps it is love that equips us with an unknown strength and resilience, guiding the path to fighting away our greatest fears.