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wlkerwlfont size=“2”>The wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh is the student newspaper of the University of Rochester. The wlkerwllhjkghCTwlkerwl/lhjkgh is printed weekly on Thursdays throughout the academic year, except around and during University holidays. The wlkerwllhjkghCampus Times Onlinewlkerwl/lhjkgh is published on the World Wide Web at www.campustimes.org and is updated Thursdays following publication.wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>We have a weekly circulation of over 5,000 print copies and over 8,000 e-mail subscribers. Copies of the wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh are available at locations around the River Campus, Strong Memorial Hospital, UR Medical Center, Eastman School of Music and at the Memorial Art Gallery. wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>The wlkerwllhjkghCTwlkerwl/lhjkgh contains sections covering University news and sports, as well as features, opinions and arts and entertainment sections.
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wlkerwlfont size=“2”>Wilson Commons 102wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlyuiyuEMAILwlkerwl/yuiyuwlkerwlbr>wlkerwla href=“mailto: editor@campustimes.org?Subject=CT General Info”> editor@campustimes.orgwlkerwl/nbcxfduwlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlyuiyuPHONEwlkerwl/yuiyuwlkerwlbr>(585) 275-5942wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlyuiyuFAXwlkerwl/yuiyuwlkerwlbr>(585) 273-5303 wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlyuiyuMAILwlkerwl/yuiyuwlkerwlbr>wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr>CPU Box 277086wlkerwlbr>Rochester, NY 14627
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wlkerwlh2>2008 Editorial Staffwlkerwl/h2>
wlkerwlfont size=“2”>wlkerwlbr> Ben Wrobel, wlkerwllhjkghEditor-in-Chiefwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr> Leah Squires, wlkerwllhjkghManaging Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr />wlkerwlbr /> Rebecca Leber, wlkerwllhjkghNews Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Marley Schneier, wlkerwllhjkghNews Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Marc Epstein, wlkerwllhjkghOpinions Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Stephie Hass, wlkerwllhjkghFeatures Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Judith Tulkoff, wlkerwllhjkghFeatures Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Leah Kraus, wlkerwllhjkghA’E Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Nandini Venkateswaren, wlkerwllhjkghA’E Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Dana Hilfinger, wlkerwllhjkghSports Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Erin Philbrick, wlkerwllhjkghSports Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr />wlkerwlbr /> Sarah Cummings, wlkerwllhjkghPhotography Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Daniel Green, wlkerwllhjkghPhotography Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Arielle Friedlander, wlkerwllhjkghCopy Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Krista Lombardo, wlkerwllhjkghCopy Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Ross Brenneman, wlkerwllhjkghOnline Editorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr /> Josh Hatcher, wlkerwllhjkghStaff Illustratorwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr />wlkerwlbr /> Dan Wasserman, wlkerwllhjkghPublisherwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr />wlkerwlbr /> Ray MacConnell, wlkerwllhjkghSA Graphic Artistwlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr />
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wlkerwlfont size=“2”>Full responsibility for the material that appears in the wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh rests with the Editor-in-Chief. Opinions expressed in columns, letters or comics are not necessarily the views of the editors or the University of Rochester. Editorials appearing in the wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh are published with the express consent of the editorial board. The editorial board consists of the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, the Opinions Editor and two other editors elected by a majority of the editorial staff. All materials published herein are copyright by the wlkerwllhjkgh Campus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh.
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wlkerwlfont size=“2”>If you have a comment or question about the fairness or accuracy of a story, please contact the wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh via e-mail at wlkerwlyuiyuwlkerwla href=“mailto: editor@campustimes.org?Subject=CT Correction”> editor@campustimes.orgwlkerwl/nbcxfduwlkerwl/yuiyu. Be sure to clearly identify the article in question and its issue number. Corrections and clarifications appear on page 2 of the printed version of wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh. wlkerwl/font>wlkerwlbr />wlkerwlbr /> wlkerwlh2>Letter to the Editorwlkerwl/h2> wlkerwlfont size=”2″>Something on your mind? We want to know. wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr> Letters submitted for publication must be received by 5 p.m. Monday for publication in Thursday’s newspaper unless prior arrangements have been made with the opinions editor.wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>Letters must be written as responses to specific articles, editorials or opinion essays and must be limited to 300 words. Submissions that are written anonymously or in response to previously published letters will not be accepted.wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>Letters to the editor, general inquires, questions and comments may be sent to the wlkerwllhjkghCTwlkerwl/lhjkgh using the form below, by e-mail at wlkerwlyuiyuwlkerwla href=”mailto:%20editor@campustimes.org?Subject=CT%20Letter%20to%20the%20Editor”> editor@campustimes.orgwlkerwl/nbcxfduwlkerwl/yuiyu, via fax at (585) 273-5303 or dropped off at the wlkerwllhjkghCTwlkerwl/lhjkgh office in W

ilson Commons 102. Our mailing address is:wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkghwlkerwlbr>CPU Box 277086wlkerwlbr>Rochester, NY 14627wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr> All letters must include your name, university affiliation, e-mail address and telephone number to verify authorship or they will not be published. Letters submitted in person, by mail or by fax should be printed legibly or typed double-spaced. The wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh reserves the right to edit letters for length, spelling, grammar and clarity. If you have any questions, please call (585) 275-5942.wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr> The opinions expressed in letters to the editor, op-ed essays and comic strips are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the wlkerwllhjkghCampus Timeswlkerwl/lhjkgh, its editors or the University of Rochester.wlkerwlbr>wlkerwlbr>To submit an op-ed, a signed article expressing personal viewpoints, please contact the opinions editor. wlkerwl/font> AboutAbout

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