Tonight, the 2009 Class Council will host its first Senior Night since an incident in October caused the University to place a moratorium on busing.

The Senior Night will be hosted at Taylor’s Nightclub in Pittsford, from 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The trial run mandates that only seniors over 21 years of age and Take Five scholars are allowed to take the University-sponsored buses running to and from the nightclub.

UR and government-issued IDs will be checked before students can get wristbands that will allow them to board the buses.

Social Chair of the 2009 Class Council Mustafa Rehmani said he is optimistic that the event will go as planned.

‘We’re hoping this goes off without a glitch because it is a trial run,” he said.

The 2009 Class Council submitted a proposal to the committee reviewing the busing situation to have a Senior Night with new restrictions, and the committee, after suggesting some revisions, made an exception to the moratorium.

‘The senior class council has, in the past, been the most effective at running the bar parties,” Dean of Students Matthew Burns said. ‘They took the initiative and came to the committee with a proposal that addressed a lot of the problems we talked about.”

‘One of the most important aspects of the proposal is the fact that every 36 people who are taking the buses will receive a different color wristband indicating which bus they will be on,” Burns said. ‘This should prevent the rushing and overcrowding of buses that often caused problems in the past.”

The proposal reiterates the past rules that food and drinks are not allowed at the bus stop and that showing up visibly intoxicated will result in not being able to participate in the event.

‘Both of those rules will be strictly enforced,” Burns said.

In the past, neither of those rules had been adhered to and students did not need to be over 21 to get on the buses.

Rehmani said that the goal of the night is for students to have fun. However, they also need to realize that it is just a trial run. The future of Senior Nights is yet to be determined, and will be decided on at subsequent committee meetings.

The committee plans to meet again on Friday.

Burns said he believes there will be more bar parties to follow with adjusted rules depending on the success of the trial run.

‘We have the attitude that we should try things out before making them permanent rules,” he said.

‘This is an important step in the overall process. We’re in the trial stage, and I think we are still on target to conclude the meetings with a resolution by the end of the semester,” he added.

Brunell is a member of the class of 2012.

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