Boulder Coffee Co., the newly opened coffee shop on the corner of Genesee Street and Brooks Avenue, will be adding the URos system shortly. Boulder Coffee is part of a wave of local businesses that have been adding the URos system.

Centerstage Caf, The Distillery, Pellegrino’s, Aja Noodle, Mt. Hope Diner and Quiznos currently accept URos. Over the summer, Holley’s Caf and Catering and D’L Groceries joined the program as well. Denny’s Restaurant on Jefferson Road is also expected to add the system in the near future.

Director of Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Schauf said that although Boulder will soon be expanded to include the URos system, the use of Declining will not be an option.

‘By New York State law, we cannot allow off-campus establishments to accept Declining balances that are tied to meal plans,” he said.

Junior Leah Taylor was hopeful that URos would be added at the shop.

‘I think more students would come if there were [URos],” she said.

Schauf said that installing the URos program is advantageous for local businesses because it exposes them to another revenue stream.

UR has been adding businesses to the program that have expressed interest in the URos system.

The URos program is administered through a third party program, in which businesses pay the third party to participate in the program. With the addition of URos, students have suggested that Boulder should begin to cater more to students.

‘At the other Boulder, they have music on Fridays and an open mic session on Wednesdays,” Taylor said. ‘I think they should provide students with more entertainment.”

However, overall, students have been generally pleased with the new location. For example, junior Miriam Moore enjoyed the vegan-friendly options available at the caf.

Willis is a member of the class of 2011.

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