The recent string of robberies on River Campus, most recently the strong-arm robbery on Oct. 31, has caused warranted concern among the student body and a necessary increase in security measures to deter any further crime. UR Security has responded admirably and will continue to adjust its protocol to best protect students.

Part of the reason the robberies and burglaries in the past few weeks have been so shocking is their central location on River Campus, specifically on or near the Residential Quad. While off-campus residents understand the risks inherent in living in an urban setting, students on campus rightly value the relative safety of living on a college campus.

UR Security deserves credit for acting quickly and appropriately to both recent and past events, and of late it has stepped up its efforts even more. After the Oct. 31 incident, Security increased their officer presence along Wilson Boulevard every night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. so that officers now patrol along the entire campus, from Hill Court to Alumni Road. They have also decided to keep the lights at Fauver Stadium on half-power throughout the night until at least Thanksgiving.

Despite the best-laid patrol routes and emergency response procedures, security officers cannot be in all places at once. For that reason, students need to keep their rooms locked and remain alert and street smart when walking around. There is safety in numbers, and staying safe can be as simple as walking to the Academic Quad or Rush Rhees Library with friends. Also, Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin has pointed out that the officers are more likely to catch a culprit if a victim notifies Security quickly after being accosted. Thus, students should make use of the extensive blue light system around UR.

River Campus is a safe place to live, but students need to keep in mind that no campus is impervious to criminals. Students should have confidence in UR Security while maintaining a constant level of awareness and vigilance.

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