Before the men’s basketball game against Hobart College this coming Tuesday, the Western Upstate New York Chapter of the College Basketball Officials Association will present UR with the Schoenfeld Sportsmanship Award.

‘While the team will actually receive the Sam Schoenfeld Sportsmanship Award from the CBOA,” men’s basketball head coach Mike Neer said, ‘Many on campus should share and take pride in this recognition, as the award is presented to the institution which best exemplifies “the highest degree of sportsmanship, character, and ethics among their players, coaches and spectators.'”

The award was established by the CBOA in 1956 to honor the exceptional integrity and strong character of Sam Schoenfeld, one of the founding fathers of the association.

Colleges from 10 different regions in the Eastern United States receive the award each year, and one school is chosen from those 10 as the overall winner. UR is the Western Upstate New York region winner. It is the third time in four years that the University has been honored by the CBOA with the Schoenfeld Award.

‘[Receiving the award] shows that our players and coaches respect the role that officials play in the game,” women’s basketball head coach Jim Scheible said. ‘We always hope that our players play the game hard and clean and respectfully both toward our opponents and the officials. This award validates that the officials see that as well.”

Hilfinger is a member of the class of 2010.

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