It doesn’t take long for the most dominating aspect of Spot Coffee its atmosphere to hit anyone walking through its doors. The brightly colored walls and eclectic seating choices immediately strike patrons as they enter the downtown eatery. Make your way up to the counter, and you’ll find entertaining wait staff and an extremely diverse and delicious selection of foods, ranging from quesadillas to cheesecake. And that is only the beginning.

The caf which features balcony seating is incredibly versatile and can lend itself to groups both large and small. A mixture of large tables and booths morphs perfectly into whatever a Saturday afternoon trip to East Ave. calls for. In particular, it is the ability of this caf chain to turn a large space into small, intimate areas for conversation that makes it unique.

Pleasing vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Spot’s menu again reflects its flare for the eclectic. But unlike some restaurants where the quality of the food is often undermined to appease a range of palettes, Spot’s varied menu is delicious on all fronts. And don’t forget about the coffee, which always comes out steaming in oversized mugs. Spot’s selection of delicious baked goods is overwhelming the worst part is that it’s usually pretty difficult to choose just one pastry.

Spot Coffee provides the type of atmosphere college students long for while also satisfying the need for great food.

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